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CREDITS:  North of Tomorrow

Gary Adrian – bass, pedals, vocals,                                        keys, drum tracks

Brian Mueller – guitar, keyboards,                                  mellotron, vocals, loops

Stephen P. Rogers – sonic analyst,

                          golden ears, vocals

Craig Lehman – musicology,

                             TEAC specialist

Tommy Rogers – visual architect


All songs written by Mueller/Adrian

Produced by North of Tomorrow

Engineered by Gary Adrian

Mastered by Bob Katz, Digital Domain, Orlando, FL

Published by Passing Genius Music


GUESTS on “&”:

I Saw a Ghost:  Cory Analla/Guitar

                          Jai Lynn/Vocals

                          Mike Murdock/Guitar


Easy: Chris Goldsmith/Guitar

          Vannie J. Williamson/Keyboards


Show Me: Maurizio Antonini/Drums

                  Ross Huff/Trumpet

                  Daryl Bean/Saxophone

                  Evan Clifton/Trombone


Wild Enough (Magnolia): Jai Lynn/Vocals 

                           Maurizio Antonini/Drums                   Vannie J. Williamson/Keyboards


Bounce:  Maurizio Antonini/Drums

                Mike Murdock/Vocals

                Damprogmusic’s Choir/Vocals


Picture Perfect: Luke Courtney/Guitar

                           Mike Murdock/Guitar

                           Maurizio Antonini/Drums


Walking In A Straight Line:  James/Violin

                                Mike Murdock/Vocals

              Vannie J. Williamson/Keyboards

Torch:  Maurizio Antonini/Drums

            Vanja Grastić/Guitar

            Stephen Thurston/Synthesizer

            Antonio Romero/Bass


One Time:  James Knoerl/Drums

                   Jai Lynn/Vocals

                   Cory Analla/Guitar


Home Again:  Toby Wilson/Dobro

                         Mike Murdock/Vocals


Nobody Loves You: James Knoerl/Drums

                                   Jai Lynn/Vocals


Harmonics:  Cory Analla/Guitar

                     Slick Sax/Sax

                     Eric Wheidbreder/Bassoon


Just Have to Cry, Baby: Jai Lynn/Vocals

                         Rebekah Hopper/Vocals 

                         Jesse Shelby/Guitar

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